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        Professional large-scale production of amino resin
        Monarch select Haihui Chemical, must reach the pinnacle of your career


        We adhere to the operation philosophy of 'quality first, customer top' and the development objective of 'serve customers, win-win'.

        Deepen supply chain management, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

        The Oil and Chemical Industry Logistics Development Forum is the second this year. From this year on, we have expanded the theme of the conference to the entire supply chain management, and changed its name to “Petroleum and Chemical Industry Supply Chain (Logistics) Development Forum”. I understand that this is not a simple renaming. It is an inevitable requirement for the development of the times to conscientiously implement the strategic arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on "accelerating the transformation of economic growth mode" and promote the steady and healthy development of the petroleum and chemical industries.

        Just now, Vice Mayor and Chairman Xue delivered a warm speech. They also gave a brief introduction to our petroleum and chemical industry supply chain management from the perspective of local governments and third-party supply chain companies. Taking this opportunity, I would like to make three comments: First, the industry situation in the first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, second, understanding of the basic status of supply chain management in the petroleum and chemical industry, and third, deepening the supply chain management of the industry in the future. opinion. For your research reference.

        In the first year of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China's petroleum and chemical industry ushered in a period of strategic opportunities for development. There are still many unstable and uncertain factors affecting the healthy development of the industry at home and abroad.

        Second, understand the role of supply chain management in promoting the transformation of the economic growth mode of the industry, stable and healthy development, and fully understand the importance, urgency and long-term nature of strengthening the supply chain management of the industry.

        Since the 1990s, both in practice and in theory, we have a new understanding of the importance, urgency and long-term nature of promoting supply chain management.

        (1) Strengthening supply chain management is a powerful driving force for promoting the transformation of China's petrochemical industry's economic growth mode.

        ——The realization of China's petroleum and chemical industry has made both opportunities and challenges more challenging. First, China has a broad market prospect of participating in international petrochemical trade. Throughout the world's technological and economic development, the degree of global integration is increasing, and transnational operations are becoming more common. The total output value of China's chemical products has surpassed that of the United States, ranking first in the world. It has a pivotal strategic position in the world's chemical trade. However, the total amount of chemical products in China's international trade is less than 1/8, accounting for only half of the US. In particular, we are a major importer in the raw materials for chemical industry.

        Second, China is faced with choices in the process of transferring and undertaking the world chemical industry. Since the 1980s, the world chemical industry has begun to undergo structural adjustment. Western developed countries have reserved the development of high-tech chemical fields, and traditional chemicals have gradually turned to developing countries and Eastern Europe. Energy-intensive and labor-intensive bulk chemical products and their processing and production are gradually shifting from Western Europe and North America to Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This pattern adjustment is still going on. Therefore, considering environmental impact and resource efficiency comprehensively, China's implementation of green manufacturing technology and green development is the only way for modern industrial development. Third, because China's supply chain management costs, especially logistics costs, are much higher than those of foreign countries, according to CCTV's latest report, China's total logistics costs accounted for about 18% of GDP in 2010, which is twice as high as that of developed countries. There is huge room for cost reduction through enhanced management. It is of strategic importance for Chinese chemical companies to strengthen the management of the entire supply chain.

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