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        Professional large-scale production of amino resin
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        Coatings to VOC must speed up product upgrades

        "The abuse of dichloroethane will cause many serious consequences, and even lead to more serious catastrophic events than 'Sanlu milk powder', which has become an unbearable burden for enterprises." Based on this consensus in the coatings industry, Bardez and Chang Runfa, Zhanchen, Clivia, Jiabaoli, Huilong and HC Coatings Network signed the "Beijing Declaration of Furniture Paint" in Beijing last week to promote the rejection of the use of highly toxic solvents in the entire industrial chain, and strive to develop environmentally friendly products. Reduce energy consumption and emission reduction, achieve green production, procurement, and spread the concept of green consumption.

        Guo Wei, general manager of the exhibition center of Zhanchen Coatings Group, said that solvent is an important raw material for coatings and cannot be completely replaced in a long time. In the future, the key to the development of coatings enterprises is to gradually replace toxic and harmful solvents with low-toxic solvents. At present, low-toxic solvents such as DBE solvent (dimethyl succinate, dimethyl glutarate and dimethyl adipate), DMC (dimethyl carbonate) and sec-butyl acetate are widely used. s Choice. "In the long run, gradually reducing the amount of solvent is the development direction of the coating coating industry. Solvent-based coating products will be converted to water-based, UV-curable products, but this is a long process, not only need to strengthen production technology and equipment development, High cost and more rigorous use of technology is also a test for coatings companies."

        Guo Wei said that traditional solvent-based coatings have long been classified as hazardous chemicals, and their volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pose a threat to human health. In the past two years, the active and prosperous market of furniture lacquer has caused changes in the pattern of the coatings industry, and the trend of polarized furniture manufacturers has accelerated. In this case, a small number of furniture paint manufacturers have survived and seized the market for the enterprise, and began to use some low-cost, highly toxic chemical solvents and curing agents as raw material substitutes. For example, dichloroethane is extremely harmful to the human body, but since it is only 1/3 of the price of butyl ester solvent, it has become the first choice of some manufacturers.

        According to the reporter's understanding, there are no clear laws and regulations in China that clearly define the use of dichloroethane in coating solvents. The environmental safety of furniture lacquers mainly depends on self-discipline. In this context, companies participating in the contract promised to resolutely not produce, use toxic and harmful solvents, curing agents, and unite more to resist these products, and called on the whole industry and the government to unite, under the supervision of relevant government departments. Inspect the terminal small diluent curing agent factory to speed up the upgrading of the entire industry and develop into UV and waterborne coatings.

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